CVCS Meeting Minutes for 5/8/01


I.          Call meeting to order.                                                                                                  

II.         Pledge of Allegiance.

III.       Ascertain quorum.  All five members present.

IV.       Reading and Approval of Agenda.  All ayes.

V.        Approved Minutes of 4-25 Meeting with recommended change.  All ayes.

VI.       Public Forum.  Question: What will school hours be?  Answer: Will try to coordinate with SCS.

VII.      Correspondence and Announcements.  Cheryl announced that Mary Nutt made a very generous donation of her science equipment she received from a Presidential grant.  We also received a donation of $10,000 from someone who wants to help us get started.  The donor wishes to remain anonymous.

VIII.    Old Business. 

A.                 Enrollment Committee Report.  Valerie Romney discussed the next date for the enrollment lottery.  Suggested we set cut-off for June 15th  with lottery held around 25th. 

B.                 Facilities Committee Report.  Mary Dwyer reported that we sent a letter to the county commission for use of the old hospital site on Neel Street.  She passed the site plan of the lot around.  There are plans now for nine classrooms and one office.  The county commission approved the use on April 24th.  The county commission is now looking into liability insurance for the old hospital building.  The next step is to apply for a special use permit for schools since land is zoned commercial.  The zoning board will review the case on the 16th and the city council will review it on the 21st.  We need people to attend those meetings.  We have quotes on modular buildings.  Choice of one big building with all classrooms inside of smaller buildings containing two classrooms.  Smaller buildings more affordable and are waiting on another quote for some that might be even cheaper.   Things to do: 1) Deal with diesel tank removal.  How do you remove it?  Has it leaked?  Who pays to remove it?   2) Secure old hospital building from entry.  3) Take care of hooking up electricity, phone lines and sewage. 4) Organize parking for cars and set school bus drop-off.  5) Get classrooms networked for computers.  6) Landscape lot and put up safety fences.  7) Price security systems.

C.                 Teacher Search Committee Report.  Question: Will there be a background check done on the staff?  Answer: Yes, after we have decided on teachers because it costs money to do the search.  Question: Was there any luck working with the district to allow their teachers a one-year leave of absence to work at the charter school?  Answer: Putting in a proposal but it is not likely to happen.  Jo Ann Salome said she would advise the SCS board against it.  Hopefully we will be on the SCS agenda for next meeting.  The proposal for the leave of absence was read aloud.   Janet Palmer reported that the teacher committee had met and reviewed the applications received thus far.  Interested in two of the three, one local and one out of state.  Question: Will waivers be used?  Answer: The policay on waivers was revised and tightened up.  We require certification or waiver.  Valerie suggested we advertise more.  She will put an ad in Education Weekly.  We can advertise on the Core Knowledge website.  Janet will follow-up on teacher application inquiries.

D.                 Director Search Committee Report.  Cheryl Passalaqua reported that one candidate was interviewed last week.  Two more will be interviewed in the coming weeks.  All have different backgrounds and we must decide what we are looking for in an administrator.  Question: When will be know who the director will be?  Answer: By June 1st.  Will invite the first candidate to come back for a longer visit.  All three candidates are currently employed and thus is difficult for them to take much time off to visit Socorro.  Question: Are they all from New Mexico? 

            Answer: No, one is from New Mexico and the other two are from out of state.

E.         Budget Committee Report.  Frances Deters reported that we figured out our budget and approved it only to find out that we used the wrong figures and so must do it again!  We thought we could use the projected numbers for gifted and special education by listing students who will be enrolled in charter school that currently receive those programs in the local schools.  It turns out that all students must be considered basic until the 40 day count.  Then we can adjust our budget accordingly.   On June 2nd we will have a potluck and there will have a parent packet to hand out.  In it will be a questionnaire about qualifying for free and reduced lunch.  This questionnaire is very important and we urge people to fill it out.  It is the basis for much of the funding we will receive.  Mentioned that despite our initial lack of gifted and spec. ed. funds, all services will begin on day 1, by law.  Corrected budget was approved.  All ayes.  On May 22nd there will be a technical review by the SDE.  There are many steps to make sure the budget is done correctly.  Question: How much money are we going to spend before June 30th.  Answer: $30,000 to go toward portables.  Budget committee will have to meet and figure out the total amount.

F.           Formation of Employee Policies.  Valerie asked other charter schools what they     are currently doing.     Found out that most are taking on their local school district’s policy which demonstrates collaboration.  She will have ours at the next meeting.

IX.       New Business.

A.                 Review and Approve Revised Calendar.  Janet reported that calendar was set using SCS 2000 - 2001 calendar and NMIMT’s spring break.  SCS picked a different calendar for next year with spring break different from Tech’s.  Question: Do the days need to be the same for transportation reasons?  Answer: Possibly, as by law SCS is required to transport CVCS children.  Will look into whether we can have a different calendar.  Tabled approval of calendar until next week when there will be a special meeting to discuss it.  All ayes.

B.                 Governing Council Member.  Person will be nominated by parents and voted on by council.  That person will be on the council until next spring.  We will pick a new vice president after we fill the position.  Question: Can we use next in line running for council the first time?  Answer: No one else ran!  We also have the community member position open.  Possible to advertise for that.  It was put into the newsletter sent to parents of students in the charter school.  Need to find someone soon!

C.                 Salary Schedule for School.  Approved the use of SCS salary schedule for 2000 - 2001 as our salary schedule.  All ayes.  Need to figure out how we could do half-time positions including what benefits would be.

D.                 News from Charter School Workshop.  Different members attended different days.  Cheryl, Valerie and Frances attended on Thursday.  Frances went on Friday.  Valerie, Janet and Frances attended on Saturday.  Reading Recovery session covered working with first graders one-on-one to catch reading problems.  Project Based Curriculum covered using different themes or units and involving multiple skill areas in those units.  Frances is forming a curriculum committee.  Need people interested on the committee.  Passed out a grant writing handout.  Received an Alternative Licensure booklet stating that any person with a BA can have an alternative license for up to three years and in that time must take 12 approved semester credit hours and complete a mentorship program to receive full license.  Objective is to set up a mentorship program.

E.                  Core Knowledge Update.  Tabled until next meeting.  All ayes.  Cheryl has a 48 minute video which she will show to parents before summer vacation starts.

X.           Scheduling of next meeting.  Set for May 15th at 7:00 to meet in the public library.  This will be a short meeting just to approve the calendar.

XI.       Adjournment.  All ayes!