Cottonwood Valley Charter School

Governing Council Meeting

Minutes of May 15, 2001


The meeting was called to order by Mary Dwyer. The pledge of allegiance was done. A quorum was ascertained. Those present were Mary Dwyer, Frances Deters, Norm Reid, and Valerie Romney.

The agenda was read and approved. Valerie spoke about needing clarification for enrollment policy. A decision was made regarding the problem of two children being entered into the lottery and only one gets chosen, can the parent decide which they choose to send. It was decided that to be fair we had to allow the one who was chosen by the lottery. Also, people who are out of the country need to fax their applications so we have a hard copy. During correspondence and announcements Mary spoke of Cooperative Education Service (CES) and that we had received information from them. Valerie discussed the progress of the teacher selection committee. Mary mentioned that the planning and zoning meeting was May 16. Under old business, the change of calendar was approved so CVCS calendar matches that of the district. Under new business, it was decided that we should join CES, Cooperative Education Services, at a cost of $300 for a one time fee. Mary told the council of the benefits of joining competitive modular buildings, therapy services and low costs of dues and memberships. The date of the next meeting was set for May 29, 2001


prepared by Frances Deters