CVCS Meeting Minutes for 5/29/01


I.Call meeting to order.

II.Pledge of Allegiance.

III.Ascertain quorum.  Everyone present.

IV.Reading and Approval of Agenda, all ayes.

V.Approved meeting minutes from 5/8, all ayes.

VI.Public Forum.  No comments.

VII.Correspondences and Announcements.  Cheryl Passalaqua announced the pot-luck on Saturday, June 2nd, 3:00 - 6:00 at Sedillo Park.

VIII.Old Business.

A.                 Enrollment Committee.  Valerie Romney reported that we are receiving forms for the 2nd lottery.

B.                 Facilities Committee.  Mary Dwyer reported that we are working on using the old hospital site as a possible location to place modulars for the school. 

§         First, the County Commission voted to let us lease the land for $1.00 per year.

§          Second,  Planning and Zoning voted to let us use the site as a school. 

§         Third, the City Council voted to let us use the site as a school.  After the City Council meeting, it was revealed that gas lines were in the ground under where the modulars were originally to be placed.  The modulars were reconfigured so they wouldn’t sit directly over gas lines.  School Board gets to vote on change of site.  Original site was 6th and Proto streets, but it is below flood plane and would be too expensive to fill in.  School Board denied the change.  Tom Delehanty attended the school board meeting and said the issues of the gas lines and the proposed bus stop, on Neel Street were of concern due to safety.  Tom tried to get them to table the issue until concerns could be met but to no avail.  Options include moving gas line and changing bus drop-off proposal.  Katherine Garcia mentioned she doesn’t feel comfortable using the hospital site.  Cheryl Passalaqua mentioned using EPA money through grant called Brownfield’s to renovate old hospital building in the future.  Question: Can we use other existing buildings?  Answer: Unless it is already set up to be a school it becomes costly to renovate due to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.   Modulars best option in short term.  Question: Don’t we have to order the modulars by next week?  Answer: Yes, if we want to open by August 20th, although there’s a little time to delay.  Modulars require $30,000 down and $5293/month for lease.  Question: When will we know whether the school will open August 20th?  Answer: We should know by the next governing council meeting.    There will be a Facilities Committee meeting on Thursday at 6:30, May 31st at the public library. 

C.                 Teacher Search Committee.  Janet Palmer reported that we’ve started interviewing. Still meeting on Thursday evenings to review applications.  Move to discuss candidates in executive session, all ayes.  Tom Delehanty reported that SCS voted down the one year leave of absence for teachers to work at CVCS.

D.                 Administrator Search Committee.  Mary reported that there were 3 candidates, 2 of them strong.  Question: Will we have an administrator when we open?  Answer: Yes, but both candidates are not available until the middle of July.  Recommended to discuss in executive session.

E.                  Budget Committee.  Mary reported that she attended the Technical Review.  There was a very minor change in the budget, amounting to $600.00.  Discussed Federal Stimulus Funds and feeling was that we’d receive all of $150,000 but is not official yet.  We will receive part in June and the rest in next fiscal year.

F.                  Core Knowledge Update.  Frances Deters reported that she has been in contact with the Core Knowledge people.  We are now registered and can advertise on their website.  We need Core Knowledge Coordinator.  Cheryl has someone in mind.  Can visit for more information.

IXNew Business.

A.                 Governing Council Members.

1.                  Two parents offered to be on the council but one backed out due to time commitment.  Keith Elder offered and we will discuss in executive session.

2.                  Community Member.  Several people have been approached but no volunteers yet.

B.                 New Committees Forming. 

1.                  Curriculum Committee.  Frances Deters is chair.  Committee will review textbooks and then make recommendations to governing council.

2.                  Shopping Committee.  Need people to help order school supplies, large and small!

3.                  Newsletter.  Cheryl Passalaqua is currently writing newsletter but won’t have time in the future.  Right now the newsletter needs to go out fairly often but in the future it will probably be a monthly thing with teacher and student input.

4.                  Special Education Committee.  Frances reported that the committee has begun meeting and they are going to create a manual to cover state regulations and parental concerns.

X.                 Scheduling Next Meeting.  Set for Wed., June 6th at 7:00 in the public library.

XI.              Executive Session.  Action taken: Keith Elder was elected as new governing council member, all ayes.  Action taken: Offer the administrative position to one candidate and if she refuses then offer to the other candidate, all ayes.

Adjourned, all ayes.