CVCS Meeting Minutes for 6/6/01


I.Call Meeting to Order.

II.Pledge of Allegiance.

III.Ascertain quorum.  Everyone was present.

IV.Reading and Approval of Agenda.  All ayes.

V.Reading and Approval of Minutes (with grammatical corrections) for 5/15 and 5/29.

VI.Public Forum.  Suggestion to move public forum to the end of agenda.

VII.Correspondences and Announcements. 

A.                 Frances Deters reported that we have joined the Cooperative Educational Services to which all public schools in NM belong.  They provide prices on school supplies at prices 8%  to 10% below cost.  Question: Are legal services covered under this service?  Answer: Doesn’t mention that in information we have.

B.                 Frances reported that all schools must report information to State Department of Education (SDE) through Accountability Data Systems (ADS).  We have a proposal from JMAC for software to use for ADS.  JMAC  representatives have offered to give us a presentation and will be in Socorro from June 27th - 30th.

C.                 Cheryl Passalaqua announced that she has parent packets if anyone needs one.

D.                 Mary Dwyer thanked everyone for coming to the potluck.

E.                  Janet Palmer announced that she will be moving away and thus CVCS needs to find someone to take her place on the governing council.

F.                  Mary announced that SDE granted us a waiver.  It was a technicality.  We needed the waiver allowing us to supervise the administrator for the charter school due to the fact that the governing council is not part of the Socorro Consolidated Schools.

VIII.     Old Business.

A.                 Enrollment Committee Report.  Valerie Romney reported that about fifteen forms were sent out to interested persons and only three have been returned.  She will follow-up on those not returned.  Frances Deters reported that we will be doing an advertisement on the local radio station, KMXQ in both English and Spanish.  Cheryl Passalaqua stated that our current enrollment is 129 students.  We will have another lottery.  Question: Is there money to hire teacher aides?  Answer: Yes, we have funds for two currently and hope to add more later as we get more funds.  We will also have parent volunteers in the classroom.

B.                 Facilities Committee Report.  Mary Dwyer reported that last week Socorro Consolidated Schools (SCS) board voted not to approve the site change, from 6th and Proto to the old hospital site.  A letter was sent to Jo Ann Salome and to the board to discuss their concerns.  Main issues were the gas line that runs across the property, the diesel tank, the bus drop-off and fire safety.

                        1.         Diesel Tank.  We have two quotes for removal.   SCS questioned how we would know if it’s safe after removal.  Mary contacted environmental department and they responded that tests would start on day of removal to determine the condition.  Because the property is owned by the county and we are a public school, the fee for the monitoring is waived.  Question: Will the tank be removed before school begins?  Answer: Yes, will be first project before placing buildings on site.  Question: Will the county supply the fill dirt to fill in hole left by diesel tank?  Answer: We will use mound on back of property that needs to be removed anyway.

2.                                          Gas Line.  It is a feeder line, not a high-pressure line.  Utilities Director wanted at least 10 feet between lines and modulars and we have 15 ft.  Mary met with mayor on Monday.  City could provide labor, maybe county could provide materials to move the line off the site.  The line will be moved next year.   On Tues. Mary met with many people including Jay Santillanes, Ray Hoyer, Jo Ann Salome and Cynthia Freeman to review the site.  Everyone agree that it was an acceptable site.  They just wanted to make sure safety concerns were met.

3.                                          Drainage Ditch.  The ditch will be completely fenced off.

4.                                          Bus Drop-off.  There will be a U-shaped pull-off in front of the old hospital so traffic will not have to stop when the buses stop.

5.                                          Fire Dept.  Waiting for official surveys to be completed, hopefully by weeks end.  Cost is under $500 or they will notify us.  They want a fire lane between modulars and old hospital site.  We’ve gone beyond the minimum code allowances.

6.                                          SCS Land.  Heard that SCS might have land to offer us.  Mary talked to Cynthia Freeman who said that old hospital site was acceptable, so there’s no need to pursue SCS land.

7.                                          Next Step.  Order modulars!  Want $30,000 down which includes transportation and set-up.  Question: Do the modulars come with skirting?  Answer: Yes, everything is included.  Approved to order modulars.  All ayes!

B.                 Teacher Search Committee.  Janet Palmer reported that there are 3 teachers that will be recommended in executive session.  We have more interviews to set up.  Of 12 applications, 3 were sent letters thanking them for their interest but not offering them a position at this time.  We need nine teachers if we have full enrollment.       Question: Knowing that SCS voted down the 1-year leave of absence, is there any chance of changing that with further communication?  Answer: No, not this year.  There is already a clause for those who want to take a one year leave.

C.                 Administrative Search Committee.  Mary reported that we made an offer to a candidate.  It looks good that she will join us!

D.                 Budget Committee.   Mary gave out budget handout and reviewed it.  Carol Reid has offered to help us and to put budget on quick books.  We will have a full financial report once a month and will give a copy to SCS.  Question: How will it work to get contractors lined up to get modulars ready in time for school?  Answer: Shouldn’t be a problem.  We could use volunteer labor if contractors are flexible.  Question: What about sending thank you notes to SCS and city directors for coming to the site.  Answer: Working on a letter that will include thanks.

E.                  Formation of Employee Policies.  Valerie reported that she downloaded a form from Albuquerque public schools.  She asked the governing council to look through and make changes.  Move to table to next meeting.  All ayes.

F.                  Curriculum Committee.  Francie reported that the first meeting will be on Tues., June 12th at 6:30, at the Public Library.  Discussing different curricula and summarizing before offering best choices to parents and governing council.

G.                 Special Education Committee.  Francie reported that the committee has met 2 times.  They talked about philosophy and all agreed that a holistic inclusion program was best.  Will develop strategies for dealing with difficult children and will train teachers to distinguish between difficult kids and special ed. kids.  Second meeting covered mission statement.  Formed groupt to cover identification of children, evaluations and Individualized Education Plans (IEP).  Next meeting will be Thurs., June 14th at Kelly Baldwin’s house.

IXNew Business.

C.                 Releasing Names to District.  SCS needs names of students for transportation, bus routes, end of year report and for principals to look at students for grouping them in classrooms.  SCS guaranteed CVCS names would stay in administrative offices and not be spread around.  We want to cooperate with SCS and so will contact all parents of CVCS to make sure they are willing to have their children’s names released.  Question: Will releasing names affect testing for special ed and other services?  Answer: It might, but CVCS is committed to getting testing done quickly. Set goal of June 15th to give names to SCS.

D.                 Compliance to Open Meeting Act.  Cheryl Passalaqua reported that Katherine Garcia mentioned that we’ve not been in full compliance with Open Meetings Act.  Cheryl gave governing council copies of the act.  The governing council will read copies.  According to the act, we must have a meeting once a year to figure out how and where to publish our meetings.  Tabled until next meeting.  All ayes.

X.Schedule Next Meeting.  Set for Wed., June 20th at 7:00, at the Public Library.  (Later changed to 7:30.) 

XI.Executive Session.   Actions taken:

C.                 Make offer to one teacher.

D.                            Make offer to teacher pending reference check and initiation of NM certification with SDE.

E.                             Make offer to teacher pending reference check and initiation of NM certification with SDE.

F.                              Norm Reid was voted in as Vice President.  All ayes.

XII.      Adjournment.