CVCS Meeting Minutes for 6/20/01


I.Call meeting to order.

II.Pledge of Allegiance.

III.Ascertain Quorum.  Everyone present.

IV.Reading and Approval of Agenda with addition of IX.  New Business,  Nomination for New Board Member.  All ayes.

V.Reading and approval of minutes for meeting on 6/6/01.  All ayes.

VI.Public Forum.  Question: When will the clean-up start on the site?  Answer: Soon!

VII.Correspondence and Announcements.

            A.        Mary Dwyer reported that Lorena Garcia has accepted the position as administrator.

B.                 Mary reported that we’ve received the official letter stating that we would receive the full $150,000 of the federal stimulus funds.  We should get the first half after the 10th of July.  As soon as we start spending it, we can request the rest of the money.

C.                 Mary stated that we received a letter from Socorro Consolidated Schools (SCS) transportation department saying that they will provide bus service to those children attending CVCS.  We gave the names of children attending CVCS to SCS for their transportation information.  They will simply bus children from designated spots to the charter school.  Our school hours must be 8:15 to 2:40 to coincide with their existing schedule.  We can use the buses for field trips, just like any school within SCS, on a first-come first-serve basis.  They should also bus our children to Perfect Pastimes  activities.

D.                 Announcement was made that Janet Palmer is resigning effective Monday, June 25th.  Need someone to take her place.  Mary Dwyer read parts of her resignation.

VIII.     Old Business.

A.                 Enrollment Committee Report. Valerie Romney reported that the lottery would be held on Monday, June 25th at noon in the Public Library.  Frances Deters suggested airing an announcement on the local radio station, KMXQ.  We have received about a dozen applications so far.  We will have another lottery in August.

B.                 Facilities Committee Report. 

1.                  Mary reported that the modulars have been ordered!  The color is light stone with blue accents and gray molding.   They will arrive between July 24 - August 1.  It takes about 2 days to set them up.  We leased the buildings through Cooperative Educational Services (CES) to get the best price.

2.                  The survey has been completed.  Emil Goret is helping us to get official plans together to submit for plumbing and electrical bids.

3.                  Thanks to Norm Reid for having a lawyer review the lease for the modulars.  There were some minor changes made before the lease was signed.

4.                  Mary has contacted the county about getting the lease for the property.  We will also have a lawyer review that before we sign.

5.                  Next step is to get the diesel tank removed.  We found someone through the state who is licensed and bonded.  The environmental department will monitor the whole thing.

6.                  Both the cable company and the electric company agreed to move the guy wires in the mound of dirt.  We will use the dirt to fill in the hole left by the tank removal.

7.                  New plan for securing old hospital building from entry.  Originally thought to use metal but instead have decided to enclose whole building by using frame and stucco.  We are hoping volunteers will help.  Next week there will be a facilities committee meeting.

8.                                          Need volunteers for general clean-up of grounds.  Will schedule in a couple of weeks.

9.                                          Next Tues., June 26th  is the SCS board meeting.  They will vote again on hospital site.  Mary will attend this meeting.

C.                                         Teacher Search Committee Report.  Janet Palmer reported that we have three teachers so far.  She read aloud a statement from Cathy Herrera, of the State Department of Education (SDE) regarding waivers for teachers who currently have a New Mexico license to teach 7th - 12th grades.  See attached letter.  We are currently working on getting contracts written.  We continue to meet on Thursdays.

D.                                         Administrator Search Committee Report.  We have an administrator now so the search is over!

E.                                          Budget Committee Report.  Mary reported that money was shifted from textbooks to computers.  We missed the deadline for state stimulus funds so will get only $9,000 next week, but will get the rest later, in the next fiscal year.  Budget committee needs to meet in the next few weeks.

F.                                          Formation of Employee Policies.  Valerie asked if the governing council reviewed the policy guidelines she gave them at the last meeting.  Areas were suggested for change.  Council members were told to e-mail their suggestions to Valerie.  Tabled until next meeting.  All ayes.

G.                                         Governing Council Community Member.  Frances Deters talked about working with Parents Reaching Out (PRO) and talking with Julia Calbert.  Julia has offered to be the community member.  It will be voted on in executive session. 

H.                                         Curriculum Committee Report. 

1.                                          Frances reported that the committee will present a textbook display Monday, June 25th from 12:20 to 2:30 at Macey Center.  It is important to get parental input in selection of texts. On Monday we will be reviewing Math texts, with Reading text reviews in July.  Goal is to pick curriculum by July 15th.   Question: Could there be an alternate, evening time for working folks?  Answer: Have it at public library from 5:00 to 7:00 on the same day.  Buster will send out information about it in a newsletter. 

2.                                          The Core Knowledge Foundation is having a workshop for coordinators just beginning to set up their programs.  Amanda Gallegos, one of our teachers, and hopefully Lorena Garcia will attend.  The conference is from July 19th through the 21st. 

3.                                          The Curriculum Committee watched the Core Knowledge video.  Cheryl Passalaqua will donate it to the Socorro Public Library to be checked out by those who wish to view it.

IX.                          Special Education Committee.  Frances reported that the committee has met three times.  They have discussed adopting the Handbook of Parental Rights and Special Education Procedures from PRO to give to parents as an information guide when their child is identified as needing Spec. Ed.  Discussed child identification procedures and are creating a manual.

J.                               Compliance to Open Meetings Act.  Tabled until next meeting.  All ayes.

IX.       New Business

B.                 Nomination for New Governing Council Member.  Dawn Jones has volunteered and we will vote on it in executive session.

X.        Scheduling Next Meeting. 

I.                                Special Meeting set for Wed., June 27th at public library to review ADS software by JMAC.

II.                             Next Governing Council Meeting set for Thurs., July 5th at the public library.

XI.       Executive Session 6/20.  Actions taken:

A.                 Elect Julia Calbert as Governing Council Community Member.  All ayes.

B.                 Elect Dawn Jones as new Governing Council Member and Secretary.  All ayes.

C.                 Elect Lorena Garcia as Administrator of the Cottonwood Valley Charter School with contract to be negotiated.  All ayes.

D.                 Hire Amanda Gallegos for the 2001 - 2002 school year.


 XII.     Adjournment.




































CVCS Executive Session Minutes for 6/27/01


I.  Acertain Quorum.  Mary Dwyer, Valerie Romney, Francie Deters, Dawn Jones present.


II.                 Actions Taken.

            A.        Lorna Garcia’s  contract approved.  All ayes

B.                 Teacher contract approved.  All ayes

C.                 Two  purchase orders signed. 



III.  Adjournment